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Codependency can be debilitating and all consuming and leave sufferers feelings overwhelmed, exhausted and without any sense of self.  

Have a look below and see if you identify with any of the statements below.  Naturally, in our relationships we all want to care for those that we love but for people who suffer codependency it is a need and sometimes feels like there is no choice.

  • Do you take better care of other people than yourself?

  • Do you obsess about other people by thinking about them, feeling anxious about them and checking up on them?

  • Do you know what other people feel, think, like and dislike, but are unsure what your own feelings, thoughts, likes and dislikes are?

  • Do you feel responsible for other people's choices?

  • Do you change yourself hoping that other people will also change?

  • Do you feel stuck and victimised?

  • Do you try to fix and control people, places and things?

  • Do you deny reality to cope?

  • Do you have difficulty knowing what your boundaries should be?

  • Do you have difficulty saying no without feeling guilty?

  • Do you allow yourself to be manipulated and controlled by others?

  • Do you lie and cover-up for others' mistakes?

  • Do you distrust your decisions and feelings?

  • Do you people please, because you fear rejection and desperately need approval?

  • Do you know what is right for everyone else but have difficulty making decisions about your own life?

If you have answered Yes to two or more questions you are most likely to be a sufferer of codependency.

Counselling can help to understand where and how you overcompensate, fulfil everyone's needs but your own, or put yourself last.  Therapy can also help to identify and overcome codependent tendencies, understand how those behaviours were adopted in the first place, and develop self compassion in order to heal and transform old patterns.

I will be alongside you to help you to explore how these types of behaviours may be affecting your life and relationship.  We will work together to help you find ways to come into yourself and consequently have a more fulfilling life for yourself.

If you feel you would like time to explore yourself and your relationships please use the contact form or leave a message on either of the numbers below and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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