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Loss of a Pet

The death of a much loved pet can be devastating and an enormous loss when your pet has been an integral part of your life, a companion, a friend and confidante.  Perhaps life feels incredibly lonely and lacking in joy.  Maybe you feel that you can not talk to anyone about how you are feeling and are choosing not to go out because you can not face anyone.


If you were close to your pet it is normal to have the reactions to its loss that you may experience when someone close to you dies i.e. shock, disbelief, numbness, anger, pain, hurt, sadness, guilt and overwhelming grief.  It may be particularly difficult if you were in the position of having to have your pet put to sleep, that is a heartrending decision to have to make and can sometimes leave people suffering from guilt and worry about having made this decision.

As with all bereavement it is important to have someone to talk to who understands how you are feeling and what the loss of your pet has meant to you.  

If you have lost a pet and are noticing that you are struggling with overwhelming feelings or not feeling yourself - perhaps it would help to talk about it - you can contact me through the contact form or by calling either of the numbers below.  I will get back to you within 48 hours. 

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