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Are you someone who suffers from jealousy and feels at a loose end as to how to manage? 

This powerful emotion can have devastating effects on both yourself and those you love.

Do any of the statements below mean something to you?

Do feelings of anger and protectiveness come out of nowhere?

Does it feel impossible to regulate these powerful feelings?

Do you need to know at every moment where and what your partner is doing?


Do you feel reluctant to allow him/her to see his/her friends without you?

Do you suffer feelings of unimportance, feeling unloved if your partner wants to do something without you?

Do you feel uncomfortable and possessive when your partner is talking to someone else?

When you are not feeling these powerful emotions, is it difficult for you to understand where they come from?

When these types of feelings arise it can have a significant impact on the quality of relationships. 


Perhaps you would benefit from exploring your feelings of jealousy.  Counselling can help you find some links to help understand these intense feelings and possible links to where they arise from as well as ways to self soothe and tools to help self regulate.  


If you feel this might be a way forward for you please use the contact form or leave a message on either of the phone numbers below and I will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

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