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Taking the first Step

Taking the first step is probably the hardest part of starting counselling/therapy. 


All sorts of fears may arise when you are considering taking the first step. 

These could be .......

  • "I operate well on the surface, do I really want someone to know what goes on underneath?"

  • "I don't really know what I want to explore in counselling."

  • "I feel scared at the prospect of sitting in a room on a one to one basis with someone I don't know". 


  • "If I open up now, how will I cope?"

It is normal to feel apprehensive and at the same time there may be a deep knowing inside you that wants life to be different for yourself.  

Taking a step towards giving yourself time to explore yourself and how life is for you with another person is a precious gift.  It's a chance to be seen and heard without judgement, a chance to get to know the person that you are really are, a chance to expand and gain fresh perspectives.  

When you make the decision I will welcome you to my practice on the outskirts of Yeovil, Somerset which can be reached within 6 minutes from the centre of Yeovil.  

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