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My Approach

We can all experience those dark moments, months or even years when even though outwardly, we may be functioning well, inside is all bleak.  We may think of ourselves as mad, bad or sad or all three of these, and it seems impossible that this will ever change.  Therapy/Counselling at this time can make a difference.  It can help us to see ourselves and the world with new ways and help us to value what is good in ourselves (and in the world).


Often our greatest difficulties and anxieties arise through relationships. Counselling/therapy helps to identify how we relate to others and to ourselves.  It can create an openness to relating in different and more fruitful ways, externally or internally.

We can also have vague feelings that life could be more satisfying, even joyful, and that we could fulfil more of our potential.  We may feel stuck or blocked, or struggle to find ourselves.

I offer a free initial telephone conversation,  which provides an opportunity for both of us to see if we are a good fit and envisage being able to work together.  Normally this will include learning a little bit about your concerns as well as looking at my counselling contract including session times, cancellation policy, confidentiality etc.  There is absolutely no obligation to take up sessions after this call.

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