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Have you Suffered Sexual Abuse?

If you have suffered sexual abuse, whether in your childhood or as an adult it may be helpful to talk about it.  Keeping all the distress of your experience inside can have profound effects.  

Perhaps you are struggling with guilt and shame, anger or worthlessness...

Perhaps you are too frightened to go out....

Perhaps your experiences has left you feeling detached from your body or incapable of connecting with an other.

Perhaps you are left hollow and empty..

Or perhaps you have been coping well in your life and now you are not and you can not fathom out what has changed.

I am aware that this is very sensitive area and I will respect your boundaries at all times.  You will not be under any pressure to go into any more detail than you feel comfortable with and we will focus on ensuring that you stay within your window of tolerance to reduce any possible feelings of overwhelm.  

If you feel you are at a point when you would like to talk about your experience and its effects in a safe environment and would like to discuss the possibility of counselling, please complete the contact form below or leave a message on either of the numbers below and I will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss what might be the right next step.

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